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In Lincoln's Words 

As countless leaders from all walks of the world, regardless of time period, have viewed Lincoln's ideas and philosophy as a precursor for solid leadership, a comparison of Lincoln's words on generals, war, hard work, and slavery with those of other touted historical figures gives one a new insight and perspective on Lincoln's role in history.  This website is designed to contextualize Lincoln's personal and professional guidance in various scenarios by comparing his words to those of other influential historical figures. 

This “In Lincoln's Words Column” website was created for a graduate course titled “Understanding Lincoln,” offered in partnership by Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and Dickinson College.  Professor Matthew Pinsker, a distinquished Lincoln scholar, urged participants to explore Lincoln's legacy through the use of primary sources.  This site seeks to partner Matthew Pinsker's inventive methods on exporing Lincoln and use Lincoln's ideas as a framework for exploring other historical figures worldwide.

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